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Winning Strategies

Wilkerson Team

Multiple offer scenarios have become a hallmark of the San Francisco real estate market. With the highest cost of construction in the world and limited supply, often buyers find themselves needing to compete for their dream home in San Francisco. From time to time (such as Fall 2023) there are exceptions to this rule. However, at the beginning of 2024, many properties are receiving multiple offers yet again.

Entering a multiple-offer situation can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. With several buyers vying for the same property, it's crucial to employ strategic tactics to increase your chances of success. Here's a refined guide to crafting an irresistible offer on a home:

  • Understand the Market: Before making an offer, conduct thorough research on the local market trends, comparable sales, and the property itself. Understanding the property's value and demand will empower you to make informed decisions during negotiations.
  • Get Pre-Approved: Obtain a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender to demonstrate your financial readiness and strengthen your offer's credibility. Sellers are more likely to favor buyers who have already secured financing.
  • Offer a Competitive Price: While it's tempting to lowball in a competitive market, submitting a strong initial offer can set a positive tone. Work with your real estate agent to determine a fair and competitive price based on market analysis and the property's condition.
  • Include a Personalized Letter: Stand out from the crowd by attaching a heartfelt letter to your offer. Express your genuine admiration for the home, share what resonates with you, and explain why you're the perfect fit. A personal connection can sway sellers' emotions in your favor.
  • Flexible Terms: Consider offering flexible terms that cater to the seller's needs. Whether it's accommodating their preferred closing date, waiving certain contingencies (if possible), or being open to negotiation, flexibility can make your offer more appealing.
  • Quick Response Time: In a multiple-offer scenario, time is of the essence. Submit your offer promptly and be readily available to respond to any counteroffers or inquiries. A swift response demonstrates your seriousness and commitment to the transaction.
  • Work with a Skilled Real Estate Agent: Partner with an experienced San Francisco real estate agent who understands the local market dynamics and has a track record of success in multiple-offer situations. Their expertise and negotiation skills can be invaluable assets in securing the home of your dreams.

Navigating a multiple-offer scenario requires a blend of strategy, market knowledge, and effective communication. By implementing these refined tactics, you can position yourself as a strong contender and increase your chances of clinching the deal on your dream home.

The Wilkerson Team has perfected the art of winning the offer - their buyers average 1.5 offers before acceptance. They have a proven track record of helping their clients’ not only obtain the best price, but also win. They truly care for their clients and take great pride in helping each person achieve their desired results. Reach out to the team when you are ready to take the next step toward winning your next San Francisco home. 


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