A Local's Guide to the Best Schools in San Francisco

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Often hailed as the City by the Bay, San Francisco is a captivating metropolis with a thriving tech scene and a vibrant downtown area. As the 18th largest city in the United States, San Francisco offers a diverse range of experiences for both tourists and permanent residents. Its many attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, famously steep streets, Alcatraz, and the Tanner house from Full House.

Home to over 800,000 people, San Francisco boasts a stable economy supported by several industries, including technology, tourism, and entertainment. It offers residents a high quality of life through its affluent neighborhoods, many job opportunities, and world-class shopping and dining. Moreover, San Francisco has excellent amenities, including recreational and healthcare facilities. Residents also enjoy access to high-quality schools, including the following.

Chinese Immersion School at DeAvila Elementary School

1250 Waller St, San Francisco, CA

Regarded by many as the incarnation of the famed Dudley Stone School, this is a kindergarten through fifth-grade public institution. It was established in 2009 to offer an immersive program where students are taught target subjects in Mandarin Chinese and English. Children also participate in Chinese traditions, festivals, and customs, promoting a rich cultural experience and an open-mindedness to different modes of life. The immersive program fosters an understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, fosters bilingualism development, and enhances cognitive abilities. DeAvila Elementary School is a block from Haight St. in the middle of San Francisco.

John Yehall Chin Elementary School

350 Broadway, San Francisco, CA

When it comes to quality education, John Yehall Chin Elementary School is a first-rate institution. Parents can rest assured that their kids' academic progress will be in good hands. Students benefit from a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum that strongly emphasizes academic achievement. The institution also offers a range of enrichment programs and extracurricular activities to enhance students' learning experiences, including music, art, and physical education. The school values the development of well-rounded individuals equipped with a breadth of skills and knowledge.

Sunset Elementary School

1920 41st Ave, San Francisco, CA

Located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco, Sunset Elementary School is a kindergarten through fifth-grade institution dedicated to serving the intellectual needs of children from the surrounding communities. Its pristine location in a secluded setting offers an ambiance that is hard to find in most schools. Students also benefit from rigorous education programs and top-notch facilities. The school also boasts many extracurricular and enrichment programs, such as Minecraft, soccer, Taekwondo, and ballet, that help nurture their student's physical, social, and emotional development.

George Peabody Elementary School

251 6th Ave, San Francisco, CA 

One of children's most foundational skills is the ability to read and write. Thanks to its lavish curriculum, George Peabody Elementary School ensures these skills are developed in children. Students are encouraged to explore their interests, develop critical thinking skills, and achieve their full potential across various subjects, including mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. Students also benefit from the availability of modern recreational facilities that tend to their physical and mental development.

Abraham Lincoln High School

2162 24th Ave, San Francisco, CA

Abraham Lincoln High School has over 1,900 students and aims to prepare them for success in higher education by providing a wide range of courses across various disciplines, including advanced placement classes, honors courses, and electives. It boasts an impressive graduation rate of 93%.

Lowell High School

1101 Eucalyptus Dr, San Francisco, CA

Established in 1856, Lowell High School is a public high school that has evolved into one of the finest institutions in the city. It is also the oldest public high school west of the Mississippi. Lowell provides top-notch facilities to its students and boasts several notable alums, including inventor Charles Ginsburg, author and writer Naomi Wolf, and actor Jamie Chung. In addition to exceptional academic performance, the school also features outstanding clubs and organizations, including debate, drama, math, and culinary clubs, which have won multiple awards for their respective fields.

George Washington High School

600 32nd Ave, San Francisco, CA

Named after the great statesman and the founding father of the United States, George Washington High School is a true emblem of academic excellence and is one of the most acclaimed institutions in the city. The school has a global focus, providing students with various resources to prepare them for higher education and professional careers. Extracurricular-wise, students can join one of the many clubs and organizations. Also available are outstanding programs in music and music.

Lick Wilmerding High School

755 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA

A walk down the hallways of Lick Wilmerding High School is always a delight. Its magnificent glass walls indicate elegance and sophistication, not to mention its serene ambiance conducive to a healthy learning experience. Several great minds have graced the hallways, including mathematician and philosopher John Lane Bell, former civil rights attorney Wayne M. Collins, and former Associate Justice of the Court of Appeal of California C. J. Goodell.

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